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In the CLEAR | key lime, lavender, eucalyptus + rosemary

In the CLEAR | key lime, lavender, eucalyptus + rosemary

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Real talk. Your mirrors are covered in spit, splatter and pimples (yuck) AND your windows probably get licked by kids and dogs. We touch (and apparently eat) what's on our glass, so we sure as all get out don't need to hose it down with synthetic fragrances, ammonia and nasty chemicals. You can bet your glass that In the CLEAR can clean all your clear surface that get covered in fingerprints, smudges, slobber and unmentionable yuck. Don't believe us? Our In the CLEAR out-performed a top selling natural glass cleaner in third party testing! We are crazy proud of this!


Vinegar based glass cleaners can clean just about any surface, but here's where we recommend using In the CLEAR:

  • windows
  • mirrors
  • oven doors
  • and any other surface that you can see yourself in or see through!


This 16 oz. spray bottle is filled with:

  • reverse osmosis water
  • organic white distilled vinegar
  • organic* essential oils: key lime*, lavender*, eucalyptus, rosemary*

Please click here for information regarding CAS numbers.


Using newspaper, old sheets, a squeegee or (lint-free) paper towels, spray In the CLEAR directly on glass surface and wipe away. If towel gets too wet, get another one!

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