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All PERP CLEAN PEACE | patchouli, peppermint + lavender
All PERP CLEAN PEACE | patchouli, peppermint + lavender

All PERP CLEAN PEACE | patchouli, peppermint + lavender

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You either love patchouli or you hate it, right? WRONG. This blend will win you over. It gives patchouli the spotlight yet balances the soothing smell with just the right amount of lavender + peppermint. What you need to know is that patchouli has been known to ease symptoms of colds, headaches and upset stomachs. It can also provide feelings of relaxation and has been shown to ease stress and anxiety (can I bath in this please?). So ditch all your stereotypes of hippies at Woodstock and Phish shows. Fun fact: those folks originally used patchouli to cover up the smell of marijuana and alcohol (genius). 

Add in some peppermint (can stop growth of e.coli, listeria, salmonella and staph) and a generous dash of lavender (can combat fungus growth and has calming affects) and this just might be our newest HERO. 

Most traditional cleaning products are LOADED with ingredients that are not safe for us to breathe in and spray in our spaces. We believe cleaning means clean, not spraying dyes, fragrances and chemicals all over our homes and inadvertently ourselves, our kids and our pets. It's time for change. Help us spray the PEACE!

Grab the matching a concentrated refill here!


Here are just some of the places All PERP CLEAN PEACE can perpetrate:

  • counters

  • cars

  • carpets

  • desks

  • doors

  • floors

  • granite

  • gym equipment

  • handles

  • knobs

  • laminate

  • marble

  • quartz

  • sinks

  • tables

  • toilets

  • wood


This 16 oz. spray bottle is filled with:



Using a dry or damp cloth or paper towel, spray All PERP CLEAN PEACE on surface and wipe away! No chemical residues left behind. For tougher grime, let the PERP sit on the surface for 60 seconds then wipe.

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