THYMEs 3 Bundle | citrus, thyme + rosemary

THYMEs 3 Bundle | citrus, thyme + rosemary

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Save a $3 and get THYME to clean your hands x 3!Â

For centuries, thyme oil has long been relied on for its antibacterial, insecticidal and antifungal properties. So instead of using 62% alcohol hand sanitizers and antibacterial sprays, we chose oils that have been used to kill bacteria like orange, grapefruit, rosemary, and THYME in our natural hand cleaner.

Along with leaving out the alcohol used in conventional hand sanitizers, we have also left out the fake fragrances (gross) and QUATS (Google it) which have both been linked to several human health issues. And let's be real, the overuse of antibacterial EVERYTHING is not safe for us. We need our germs to protect us from germs. If we kill them all, well, we are left unprotected.

We are not claiming perfection here. BUT we are claiming that this little yummy smelling, organic jojoba infused concoction will help you keep your hands clean and we don't think it's a good idea to have you or your kids rub synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients into your / their hands to kill germs. That is it. It's a helper, a compliment and a new way to think about staying safe and healthy.



  • hands

  • phones

  • handles

  • surfaces (when using an All PERP just isn't convenient)


These three 2 oz. natural hand cleaner spray bottles are filled with:

  • reverse osmosis water
  • organic witch hazel
  • organic jojoba oil
  • organic* essential oils: red thyme*, orange*, grapefruit*, rosemary*

Please click here for information regarding CAS numbers.


Shake + Spray your hands with 2-3 pumps and rub front and back. If using on a surface, be mindful that jojoba oil is oily :).

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