NamaSPRAY Yoga Mat Cleaner | tea tree, peppermint + rosemary


Your mat takes a beating. Sweat, tears + funk all rolled up into one big yikes. Whatever it is that brings you to your mat is left behind after one sweat sesh.

NamaSPRAY (wow, we really do think we are clever) is your new gym sidekick. Just toss this sleek little bottle in your bag and wipe down your mat and other equipment before you head out. Leave behind your sweat, tears and any other vibes that just don't serve you. This organic minty, tea tree, rosemary blend will wash it all away.

NamaSPRAY + its matching concentrated refill makes THE BEST gift for every Yogi or Gym Rat on your list. OM.


  • reverse osmosis water
  • organic witch hazel
  • organic tea tree essential oil
  • organic eucalyptus essential oil
  • organic peppermint essential oi
  • organic rosemary essential oil

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