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First, a big thank you for your consideration.

My name is Jenna Cole (@rarajem) and I am leading SQUEAK’s ambassador program. If you haven’t heard about SQUEAK, here’s what you need to know: We are a natural and organic cleaning products company committed to educating the masses about safer ingredients. The cleaning products industry is virtually unregulated and it’s time for change.

Our founder, Jayna Crittenden, is seeking influencers (3K + followers with great engagement) who are authentically involved with health and wellness to consider joining us. As a SQUEAK ambassador, you can earn commissions and free products just by sharing the BEST and SAFEST cleaning products on earth. That’s how I got involved. After my recent battle with breast cancer (in my 20’s) I began taking a second look at all of the chemicals my family and I were exposed to and we have since been making changes - some big, some small - all in the name of health. I want this world to be a safer place for my boys.

Join Jayna and me as SQUEAK grows like wildfire. We can’t change the world alone - we need more voices to help. Let’s clean up cleaning together.

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If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE to fill out a simple application to ensure we are a great fit.

Kindly and Cleanly,