SANITIZE Until It Dies | hand sanitizer

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SANITIZE Until It Dies 

tea tree, lavender + orange 


Because your and your kids’ hands should be germ fighters. Between the desks, door handles, gas pumps, gym equipment, shared art supplies and handshakes, GERMS are everywhere. Here at SQUEAK we believe that some exposure to germs is a good idea. Yes, we need to build our immunity. BUT enough is enough and there are times when hand washing just isn’t an option.


Your hands. Duh. AND in sticky situations (literally), you can spray this safe sanitizer on any surface too!


Instead of isopropyl alcohol which is a (toxic) petrochemical or ethyl alcohol which can be very drying (even “natural” brands use 65% of this stuff in their hand sanitizers all while it’s kept away from inmates and alcoholics due to its potential to be abused (truth)), poisonous chemical fragrance, and toxic triclosan, we have chosen organic tea tree, rosemary and clove essential oils and organic witch hazel to fight the bad guys. We prefer not to vaporize straight up grain alcohol into the air, call us crazy. Check your labels.

This oz. mister is filled with:

  • organic witch hazel
  • organic organic aloe vera
  • organic* essential oils: tea tree*, eucalyptus*, orange*, lavender*, clove*
  • reverse osmosis water


Just mist a few pumps onto the palms of your hands and rub. Repeat before and after germy situations. Then stick one in your backpack, desk, car and gym bag.

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