In the CLEAR | lemongrass + geranium

Because your windows probably get licked by kids and dogs. And because your mirrors are covered in spit and splatter so you sure as hell don’t need to cover that in synthetic fragrances and nasty chemicals. You can bet your glass that In the CLEAR can handle anything and everything clear that gets covered in fingerprints, smudges, slobber and yuck.
  • glass surfaces
  • mirrors
  • oven doors
  • windows
  • counters
  • and anything else you can see through or yourself in.
And a little double-duty? In the CLEAR can be safely used as a gentle treatment for your skin. Yes, you heard me. Organic vinegar will clean and balance, geranium is renowned for it’s anti-aging and skin cell building properties and lemongrass will kill bacteria (bye zits). Now that’s one freaking awesome glass cleaner. Betcha wouldn’t rub your current glass cleaner on your face ;).

Instead of ammonia (um, hello lung issues + asthma, and oh yeah, don't mix it with bleach unless you want to create a poisonous gas), we chose organic white distilled vinegar to make your glass sparkle.
This 16 oz spray bottle is filled with:
  • reverse osmosis water
  • organic white distilled vinegar
  • organic geranium essential oil
  • organic lemongrass essential oil
Using a dry clean cloth, newspaper or squeegee, spray glass surface and wipe away! Streak free and poison free clean glass is yours!
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