It Should SMELL GOOD | ‘Tis the Season
It Should SMELL GOOD | ‘Tis the Season
It Should SMELL GOOD | ‘Tis the Season

It Should SMELL GOOD | ‘Tis the Season

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Our NEWEST product! This holiday Everywhere Mist will only be available from October 1st - February 28th! 

Your space (home, car, office) SHOULD smell good, right? Between the dogs, the smelly kids, the bathroom situations and the fish for dinner, our spaces can get pretty funky. But why choose fake-fragrant-chemical concoctions in candles, plug-ins and other deodorizers filled with ingredients linked to health issues like asthma, lung issues, allergic reactions, hormone disruption, air contamination and more? This makes no sense. YOU deserve to breathe safe, clean air. Our Everywhere Mists are made with natural and organic ingredients so you don't have to worry. Spray away. Poisons are not welcome here. Kick them out of your space too.


Use this Everywhere Mist just about anywhere, but here are our fave spots:

  • bathroom

  • kitchen

  • dog beds

  • shoes

  • car

  • sheets

  • air vents

  • furniture


This 4 oz. mister is filled with:

  • reverse osmosis water

  • organic witch hazel

  • organic vegetable glycerin

  • organic* essential oils: pine, peppermint*, eucalyptus*, rosemary*

Please click here for information regarding CAS numbers.


Shake + pump. 2-4 pumps should handle it.

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